Old Woolam Custom Bottling llc

Custom Mobile Bottling for the Wine Industry
Servicing the Midwest

Pricing and Services


Services                                ?

-Final Filtering
-Rinsing and Sparging
-Vacuum Filling
-Vacuum Corking
-Screw Capping (Stelvin and Mala style screw caps)
-Capsule application (PVC shrink or? spin on style)
-Self adhesive labeling (font and back on same roll)

Mileage                                          $1.10 Per Mile
                                                          Bottling                      Cork/Screw Cap                             $3.00 Per Case
Daily Minimum:                             $1000.00
Per Wine Set Up:                           $80.00
Overnight Fee:                                $100.00
Glass Change Over:                       $125.00
Rinse Between Wines:                   $60.00
Steam Between Wines:                  $125.00
***Prices subject to change
Call us and we will put together a sample invoice for you!